"Good art is a truing of vision, in the way a saw is trued in the saw shop, to cut more cleanly."  poet Jane Hirshfield wrote describing the essence of a good poem. Poster Poetry is a personal project about the notion Hirshfield was describing. Its a celebration of the poetry and the poets whose visions and poetic brilliance has altered the way I see and understand my world. It is a personal thank you letter in a medium I understand best as a graphic designer, honoring beautifully written word with beautiful typography. 
Padh Padh Aalim Fazil Hoya , URDU poetry by Bulleh-Shah
Shen Yuan, CHINESE poetry by Ya Xuan.
Kuch Bhi Kayam Nahi, HINDI poetry by Gulzar
Maan Mor Bani, GUJARATI poetry by Jhaverchand Meghani
Oda a la Luz, SPANISH poetry by Pablo Neruda
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